3 Reasons Your Home should be inspected before you sell

By: Ashley Keihn

Writer for Shawn Smith

Pre-inspections can spot potential problems with a home that could allow for negotiation. They are typically paid for by serious buyers, however, there are advantages to having it done as the seller before you list it on the market. Here are the three biggest reasons that it’s a good idea.

Transparency sets you apart

Doing a pre-inspection before you list your home on the market shows a willingness to sell and be open to potential buyers. You’ll be giving peace of mind and confidence in the value of your home and you’ll be showing them that you’re a trustworthy seller because you aren’t hiding anything. L

Long-Term Savings

As a seller you’ll be going over the home with a fine tooth comb already to make sure that it’s ready for sale and looking it’s very best; doing a pre-inspection can help with the process. You will be able to spot potential problems that could push buyers away or cause them to negotiate way below your asking price. If your home is clean and without major problems it will sell faster at a fair price. By knowing the problems up front you’re able to fix them and to protect yourself from any claims that may be made by the buyer later on which could result in loss of sale or lawsuits. Disclosure up front leaves less chance for either to happen and it saves you money in the long run.

Shine a Spotlight on the Positive

If you’ve done any upgrades or repairs in the time that you’ve owned the home then a pre-inspection can help you to highlight the improvements. You’ll not only be showing that you cared for the home but that you were interested in updating/upgrading it along the way.

When selling a fixer-upper property it’s probably not in your best interest to pay for an inspection yourself. A fixer-upper is typically listed as such so all parties know the property may have issues, that would make an inspection virtually pointless.

Bottom Line: If you have maintained and updated your home accordingly and are looking to sell it quickly and at a profit then a pre-inspection is likely a good idea for you.