Coral Gables what questions should you ask before you list your home?

By: Ashley Keihn

Writer for Shawn Smith

Once you’ve decided to sell your home and you’re getting it home ready to sell, you’re looking to the next step: the listing. This will entail deciding on a final price, as well as, a sales and marketing plan with your agent. Whether you’ve hired an agent or you’re still deciding on one there are a number of questions that you need to ask to ensure that you choose the right agent for you and your home.

Given the home’s size, location and space what is the highest price we could hope to attain?

Since these things about your home cannot easily be changed try to narrow down what makes your home appealing in the current market. Work with your agent to establish and understand what the current market looks like and where your home stacks up. Figure out if your home stands out or if it might be overlooked due to the competition. This will allow you to better understand ways to help boost your home to the top of the list and learn exactly how much you’ll be able to price it for that will bring a profit.

How long do you think it will be before we receive an offer?

While figuring out a price it’s important to know exactly where you stand within the market and how your pricing will impact offers. Your price should be a large part of the discussion when you’re working with a listing agent to select a range that works for you that will pull in offers in days or weeks instead of months. Keep in mind that if you select a price that is on the higher end it could take longer for you to sell and leave you with the potential for a price reduction; something you don’t want to do if you can help it.

What is the strategy for our open house?

It’s important to know where your agent stands on open houses and what their strategy is for your home once it hits the market. Keep in mind that what works in many markets won’t work in others. It is important to know what’s common in your area and how the agent plans to help your home be seen as much as possible.

Using these questions you should be able to either narrow down your listing and subsequent plans or you’ll be able to narrow down your search for the right listing agent. Either way you’ll be on a path to successfully sell your home.