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  • These Ideas Will Improve Your Basement and Make It More Livable
    by (Carol Evenson) on May 24, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    A basement is often a very special space. This is where people get away from the rest of the home. It can be your teen's bedroom, or the bedroom you keep for guests. It can be the perfect man cave, or the space you use for a party. Basements are extra spaces. If you're thinking about ways you can improve your basement, there are many little things that will make a big difference. This is the ideal part of your home to give a little extra thought and let your imagination run wild. Best of all, you can make your basement a room of many purposes so you'll always have the exact space you need. Lighting is a Must Basements can be dank spaces with little light. Lighting is essential. This will help prevent accidents and make the basement much safer. There are lots of ways to bring lighting to your basement. Basement window wells bring in natural light and air. Other parts of the basement benefit from artificial lighting of all kinds. Begin with any stairs to the basement. Stairs should have enough lighting so everyone can see where they're going even late at night. Overhead lights are a good choice as they can illuminate all parts of the basement. Set up a cozy corner in one part of the space with scattered uplights. Storage Considerations Many homeowners choose to use the basement for additional storage. Make this task easier with the right kind of storage. For example, consider lots of built-in storage. Use the staircase to put in extra shelving. Storage space can also be carved out of other spaces in the basement. Using awkward spaces such as little corners allows every single space to be used efficiently. Add in other options. A hanger with hooks for clothing and cubicles next to the door are good choices that help you stay organized. Dress up Plain Drywall The basement drywall can feel drab and unappealing. It can be hard to clean and get dinghy over time. Make the basement more appealing by redoing the walls. Wainscot paneling is a great way to add detail. Use them to help define the space better. Paint the bottom of the panels white to bring in more color. You can also consider adding a contrasting color such as vivid red or deep blue to help show off the panel's fine details. This is also a good space to use your favorite fabrics. If you have a collection of scarves from your travels abroad, hang them across the walls. They'll add color and pattern. Create a man cave feel in this part of your home with dark green walls and lots of pictures of your favorite sports teams everywhere. The Flooring Your basement floors need to be thought about carefully. You want flooring that can take a beating and still look good. This is a good place for options that are soft underfoot and easy to clean. Rubber tiles offer lots of give for a basement you're using as a family room. Tile is durable and stands up to potential water damage easily without staining. Tiles that look like wood offer a warm welcome and yet are also easy to clean and will take on water without a problem in the event the basement floods. You can layer on the texture and warmth with lots of different kinds of rugs. Place several in varied areas. This helps define each space and provide softness underfoot when you want to take off your shoes and snuggle up with your family as you all watch your favorite shows. Extra space in any home is incredibly useful. The basement offers the space you'll need to hold a party, welcome guests or just stretch out on a cold winter day. Making your basement more livable is easier than ever. Lighting, storage, and flooring help bring it to life. […]

  • Tips to Finding a Pet-Friendly Rental
    by (Carol Evenson) on May 24, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    One of the causes of pet relinquishment is lack of pet-friendly rental houses. Research by the American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals revealed that lack of pet-friendly housing was the top reason many Americans gave up on their pets. Worse, not all pets are allowed in rental apartments. Many rental houses only allow cats and dogs and restrict certain breeds. Thus, people should give themselves plenty of time to research and prepare because moving with their pets can be hard and expensive. Below are a few tricks of the trade to make it easier to find a pet-friendly housing option. Start to Prepare Early Rarely do people pack their household and move without notice. Pet owners should give themselves more than one month ahead of relocating to research and save up for expenses such as refundable pet deposit. Of course, everyone wants to make their home comfortable for their pet, and people are looking for ways to introduce their puppy or cat to a new home. Ask Around You might be surprised how experienced your relatives and friends are with pet-friendly houses. Maybe a workmate has experience living in rental apartments that were pet-friendly and can refer you to a landlord who allows tenants to move in with their pets. Your vet can also help you find a pet-friendly house, so heed to their advice and suggestions. Alternatively, contact the animal care agency serving the region you want to relocate to and ask them to provide you a list of apartments that are pet-friendly. You can also ask for leads from any resident managers, rental agents, and realtors who share your love for pets or own pet themselves. Online Search The best place to search for a rental apartment that allows pets is the internet. You can also like Facebook pages or join Whatsapp groups dedicated to rental services. You can also check the lists of apartments that allow tenants to move in with their pets with the Animal Humane Society. Offer to Pay a Refundable Pet Deposit Pets can damage rental properties, and property owners are responsible for ensuring tenants cover any damage caused by their pets once they move out. Your landlord is likely to ask for a pet deposit because it gives them a sense of security, so don’t hesitate to pay it. However, some, if not all of this money will come back your way because pet deposit is usually refundable. Brush up Your Pet’s Resume Of course, you want to move with your lovely pet wherever you go, but pets aren’t welcome in all rental houses. Convincing a landlord why you have to move in with your pet can sometimes be difficult. Thus, it’s crucial for tenants to pitch not only themselves but also their pets. Consider reaching out to former landlords, vets, and obedience trainers for recommendation letters to show your landlord. You can also draft your pet’s resume detailing its medical history, age, certification, and breed. You can also suggest to set up a pet interview if the landlord is still not convinced why they should allow you to move in with your pet. Consult Your Vet Your pet might need to undergo certain tests before you move with it across state borders. The USDA requires that every pet that will cross state lines to be vaccinated against rabies and obtain certification from a veterinarian. The same requirements apply to overseas travels but can differ based on the country you’re relocating to or from. You have to prove that your pet’s rabies is up-to-date and that it’s vaccinated against any contagious disease. Use the time you’re with the vet to discuss the potential pet stressors during the move and how you can address them. Of course, you want to be well-informed so that you can monitor your pet during the journey. […]

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