Is this the right time to sell your home in Coconut Grove?

By: Ashley Keihn

Writer for Shawn Smith

Are you ready to pick up roots and move on to the next adventure? Do you need a home that’s smaller or larger? Or are you just curious what would happen if you put your home on the market? The answer to these questions is something you should have a grasp on before you put your home on the market. Selling your home is a big step and won’t happen immediately, so here are a few things you need to take into consideration when making your decision.Y

You should be sure you want to sell

 Before you even think about listing your home you should ask yourself, “do I have a plan if the home sells quickly?” If you can’t solidly answer this question and don’t know of a home that you would move into once your home sells then you should not list your home. A seller that doesn’t have a plan tends to be testing the market and will overprice their home, in today’s market buyers are more knowledgeable than ever before thanks to various online search engines and will be unwilling to overpay for a home.

Remember if you list at too high of a price and there is lack of interest it will haunt you, because there is so much information available online. Potential buyers will be able to see any price reductions, old photos, and previous listings from when you weren’t quite ready to sell; this can lead them to shy away from an otherwise great property because they think there is something wrong with it.

Know how to plan for the market

Work with a local real estate agent to plan out when to list your home on the market. If you know that you’re new job is going to be too far from your home and you’ll need to move, or you know that you’re next baby is due in the spring you’ll be able to plan when your home goes on the market to take advantage of the best market conditions instead of hoping you’ll be on the market at the right time. If you are able to plan when the home will be listed you’ll be able to prep the home, make your improvements and market ready when it’s the time you’ve planned with the agent. Together you’ll be able to keep an eye on the trends in inventory and how big the competition is allowing you to capitalize on the right conditions.

Real Estate is a year-round business

Keep in mind that some of the best sales can and will happen at all times of year, even when it’s winter time and the inventory is low. People need homes year-round so there are always buyers out there. It helps to put together a plan for your sale a few months in advance, that way you can list when you and your home are ready and at a fair price not when the market dictates that you should be ready.